Stay tuned for upcoming show announcements…


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  1. Hey!,

    Saw Yinz play at the Thunderbird. Really enjoyed your original stuff. Adrianna can really wale. Hope to see the band play again in the near future.


  2. Just saw Arianna Powell on TV playing the guitar and then rushed to Youtube to find her there. Damn the woman can play. She talks to that axe and it talks back to her. Then I had to go find Velvet Heat. What a voice. Would love to know where Velvet Heat plays and if they play anywhere near Virginia?????? Do you guys only play in Pittsburgh? Is there a schedule? Going to Amazon the find the EP.

  3. Hey David! Thanks for the love!

    Arianna is a beast and a badass for sure. She’s currently in LA doing some gigs and touring. I just moved to the DC area, so I’m hoping to do some shows here. I sing the Velvet Heat stuff on gigs, so if you’re interested check out my site for updates:

    We’ll update when the duo is able to do some shows together again. Hopefully soon ❤

  4. That is great news then. I live failry close to the DC area and it would be worth the drive and a ight away to hear some quality sounds. I’ll keep my eye out. When you get a show in the DC area booked, if you think about it, let me now. Not asking you tobe my personal secretary here. LOL Just don’t want to mis it when you do.
    Thanks again and great fortunes to you guys.

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